We help you understand your athletes who march to a different beat.


You help them shine.


Did you know?

Own Beat Athlete ADHD Teen Athletes

An estimated 10% of young
athletes have ADHD.

Approximately 20% of young athletes
have a learning difference.

Own Beat Athlete Anxiety Teen Athletes

Up to 30% of young teen athletes
have anxiety.

They're Great Kids

Many are great athletes (Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, Kevin Love, to name a few). 

Yet, they can be challenging to coach.

easily frustrated. disruptive. forgetful. emotional. inconsistent. always moving.

They can also be your greatest assets.

insightful. energetic. totally zoned in. tenacious. empathetic. creative. charismatic.

Own Beat Athlete Stars
What's Behind The Behavior

Reduce the struggle for coaches and athletes.  

When you unlock these kids’ potential they can really soar.

Educated, engaged coaches are the key.  


Keys to understanding your Own Beat Athletes and maximizing their potential.

Tips and resources to lessen the frustration and motivate the Own Beat Athletes on your team.

Strategies for communicating effectively with Own Beat Athletes and their parents.

Own Beat Athlete Stars
Own Beat Athlete Superpowers