Times Change. Kids Change.

A significant percentage of today’s athletes march to a different beat.

They struggle in a way you cannot see.

They look like other kids.  But they view the world through a different lens.

They have trouble with The Process.  They don’t toe the line – don’t get your system.

Own Beat Athlete What's Behind the Behavior


push every button * interrupt * talk back

can’t remember the plays – or their goggles, or what you just said

distracted * inconsistent * late * unprepared

struggle with long-term goals – and short-term disappointments



Aren’t they just entitled, undisciplined, defiant? Don’t they just need a firm hand?

Nope. Not these kids.

Own Beat Athlete

In a nutshell: Their brains are different.

It might be ADHD. Learning Differences. Anxiety.

They travel together, and the symptoms can look surprisingly similar.

The different wiring is invisible. But it is very real. It rules everything about how the athlete participates in sports — and in life.


These kids want to do well. Really.

Their wiring just gets in the way sometimes.

They can’t change that by trying harder — just like a blind athlete can’t will herself to see.

Sliding to Base.jpeg

Thus the Struggle

If their differences aren’t understood, these kids can become fearful and angry.

This is what disrupts your practice, magnifies under the pressure of competition and frustrates coaches, peers and athletes to no end.

Own Beat Athletes often quit sports all together.


The Great News

When Coached with understanding, these athletes know no limits.

Their differences can be their Superpowers.