OBA Superpowers

It’s easy to get lost in the challenges.

Don’t miss Own Beat Athletes’ many, many strengths.

Just to name a few . . .


* ADHD athletes can take in the whole court or field at once – they see everything.

* ADHD athletes can hyperfocus amid competition chaos – that’s their reality.

* ADHD athletes have a ton of energy – they’re the ones with legs in the second half of the race.

* ADHD athletes are resourceful – if there’s a way they’ll find it.


* LD athletes see things differently – they can think in pictures and 3D in a way others can’t.

* LD athletes make connections where others don’t – their creativity is unrivaled.

* LD athletes are used to working harder than everyone else – nothing comes easy.

* LD athletes can be wise beyond their years – they’re perceptive and insightful.


* Athletes with anxiety are tough – it requires strength just to get through the day.

* Athletes with anxiety are prepared – they don’t want to leave anything to chance.

* Athletes with anxiety are perceptive – they feel deeply and can be great leaders.

* Athletes with anxiety are kind – they understand others’ struggles and want to help.

Own Beat Athlete All-Stars

Hear how these athletes succeeded despite — and because of — their differences.

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This elite group includes Muhammad Ali, Magic Johnson, Greg Louganis, Terry Bradshaw and many more.


All-Stars with ADHD


All-Stars with Dyslexia


All-Stars with Anxiety